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Do you have the following in place?

1.Well defined core values, purpose and vision for your organization that is understood by all employees.

2. An up-to-date organizational chart with current job descriptions clearly defined for all positions.

3. Annual business goals that are developed with your key people and communicated to your team. 

4. A key metrics dashboard used to manage the entire business weekly or daily. 

5. Specific and measurable standards for each employee by which performance is measured regularly. 

6. Annual budgets and performance oversight. 

7. Time devoted specifically for long-term strategic thought and planning. 

8. A clear value proposition.

9. An understanding of the products, services, customers and markets that make up 80% of the profit. 

10. A written succession plan for each of your key positions.

11. Regularly scheduled meetings for the leadership team. 

12. Regular communication to your organization via email, newsletter, meeting. 

13. A training budget established for the development of your employees. 

14. Annual employee performance appraisals with every employee at least once each year. 

15. A formal and updated employee handbook. 

16. An independent outside board.