Five Tips to Increase the Value of Your Business

Most small businesses do very little formalized planning. Even bigger companies with good planning processes rarely focus on growing the market value of their business.  Most investors look for some combination of current income and long-term capital gain. Owners of private companies should be no different.  Growing the market value of the company should be […]

Is Your Company’s Organizational Culture Holding You Back? Three Strategies to Help Intentionally Design It

Organizational culture encompasses the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business.  It is evident in all organizations whether you have intentionally designed it or not. In fact, in his book Culture Trumps Everything, Dr. Gustavo Grodnitsky wrote: “What happens when people who are normally loud and boisterous […]

A team of professionals at an Executive Forum

Ready to Move Your Business Forward? Then It’s Time for a Business Accelerator.

What is a Business Accelerator? A business accelerator is a program that provides companies with guidance and support to further advance their business. Some business accelerators focus on start-ups whereas others focus on companies that are well beyond the start-up phase. Why a Business Accelerator? The benefits of a business accelerator are significant for business […]