Ready to Move Your Business Forward? Then It’s Time for a Business Accelerator.

What is a Business Accelerator?

A business accelerator is a program that provides companies with guidance and support to further advance their business. Some business accelerators focus on start-ups whereas others focus on companies that are well beyond the start-up phase.

Why a Business Accelerator?

The benefits of a business accelerator are significant for business owners. So often business owners are pulled in multiple managerial directions each day. From an operational standpoint they have little time to focus on building their company.

Not only are business owners responsible for the growth and success of their company, they are also the primary decision-maker in all or most of the following areas: Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Risk Management, etc.

Business owners are beholden to their clients. Often times we see the majority of a business’s primary revenue from a small percentage of their client base. This increases the need for the business owner to be involved in the day to day operations because they simply could not afford to lose one or more of their largest clients.

In addition to the challenges listed above are other obstacles that can challenge the growth and success of a business. These challenges are external and unpredictable such as the global marketplace, competitive landscape and economic conditions.

Business owners face a myriad of potential distractions that can lead them astray from their purpose and role as CEO or business owner. A business accelerator provides direction and re-energizes business owners to focus on the tasks that provide the greatest impact.

What is the IdeaTeam1 Business Accelerator?

IdeaTeam1 focuses on supporting the entrepreneur, business owner and CEO. IdeaTeam1’s take on a business accelerator is much different than a typical business accelerator because its overall arching theme is to increase business value.

The IdeaTeam1 Business Accelerator is designed to assist CEOs & business owners to realign their focus so that they are spending their time on the areas of their business that will increase the value of their company. This 18-month program has several components that are used to assist the CEO or business owner in making the necessary changes to increase the overall value of their company.

How Does it Work?

Upon acceptance into the IdeaTeam1 Business Accelerator, participants are thoughtfully paired with other CEOs and business owners of non-competing companies to form a peer group known as an IdeaTeam. The participants of each IdeaTeam are chosen based on a comprehensive selection process and strategically placed into an IdeaTeam with other participants that will complement his or her industry, company size and overall goals.

Once an IdeaTeam is formed, they begin an 18-month journey to further advance their businesses. Each IdeaTeam focuses on exploring and dissecting some of the most challenging and invigorating aspects of owning and managing an organization. During the program participants have access to the following:

  • Your IdeaTeam Group
    • Exclusive, confidential peer to peer monthly meetings with other CEOs and business owners.
    • Monthly meetings led by a professional facilitator with a proven track record as a business leader.
  • IdeaTeam1 University
    • Business Accelerator Roadmap – Class topics are strategically chosen to design a dynamic curriculum that highlights critical elements which will create the greatest impact from a growth and management perspective.
    • Toolbox and resources for your business.
    • Access to our trainers and subject matter experts.
  • Private Executive One-on-One Coaching
    • One-on-one coaching by an accomplished Business Leader.
  • Business Analytics Reporting
    • Comprehensive financial analytics reporting.
    • One-on-One private meeting with a business strategist to review and discuss your results.

How Can My Company Benefit from a Business Accelerator?

Whether your goal is to grow your business, improve your operations and/or strengthen your management team, you will find clarity, direction and empowerment through IdeaTeam1’s Business Accelerator Program. Our goal is to see our participants and their company reach their full potential.

CEOs and business owners can take some comfort in the support of a business accelerator because they are not alone. You have heard “it is lonely at the top” and that is true, but that feeling can be amplified when you believe you are the only one who is qualified to take care of the majority of tasks that need to be handled within your company.

The Business Accelerator provides a support structure for each business owner. This structure includes a peer to peer monthly forum where business owners come together to share and dissect some of the most challenging issues associated with running and managing a company. This type of forum creates a team format of business owners who will come to know each other in a way that essentially serves as a board of directors. Business owners can bring their issues and challenges to their peer group in a confidential setting to gather input, guidance, and advice. While each business owner may not experience the same day to day work situations, they likely will experience similar management issues. The benefit in learning from a peer to peer group is invaluable. IdeaTeam1 spends a considerable amount of time vetting participants and pairing them with the appropriate IdeaTeam.

Executive one-on-one coaching is with a proven business leader who has essentially been in your shoes. The coaching sessions are private meetings that allow for the business owner to share and discuss items that they may prefer not to divulge in a group setting.

Have you ever really scrutinized your company’s financial analytics? Your company’s financials are very telling. Our team prepares an insightful analytics report for you using your company’s financial information. By reviewing your Business Analytics Report we can work together to identify your business trends and highlight opportunities or potential setbacks.

Is the IdeaTeam1 Business Accelerator Program Right for Me?

Companies looking to overcome challenges in any of the following areas are highly encouraged to apply for this program:

  • Grow Sales
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Strengthen Your Management Team
  • Streamline Your Cash Flow Operations
  • Manage Company Risk
  • Protect Company Assets
  • Plan & Prepare for Succession
  • Prepare for Business Valuation
  • Create & Implement a Strategic Plan
  • Enhance the Health of Your Company’s Culture
  • Improve Team Cohesion and Dynamics
  • Refine Marketplace Presence
  • Create Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Perfect Financial Planning and Forecasting

Each of the initiatives above will increase the overall value of your business.

How to Assess the Readiness of Your Company:

In order to increase the value of your company we must first assess the current state of some key components associated with the management of your company. You can take a brief and confidential assessment to get started.

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